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As of September 1st, 2008, the Endowed Research Unit : Advanced Energy Conversion Engineering (AECE) was established at the Institute of Industrial Science, University of Tokyo and Dr. Shozo Kaneko has been appointed the professor in charge. This E.R.U. was donated by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. to contribute to the solution of energy, economy and environmental problems effectively and in harmony.
To utilize precious fossil fuels effectively, it is important to raise the efficiency as high as possible. This will also help to maintain good environmental conditions and help to prevent global warming by minimizing the production of CO2. The "Advanced Energy Conversion Engineering Unit" aims at elevating thermal efficiencies to the maximum.
Based on many years' experience which Dr. Kaneko has undergone during his years in industry, effective and promising projects are selected as R&D projects of AECE, which will be described in detail in the following section.

The Creed of Kaneko Laboratory
  1. Frank, sincere and thorough discussion in any stage of the project.
  2. The criterion of judgment is "reasonable or not".
  3. If something is judged " wrong", it will be immediately modified or corrected.
  4. Continuous examination throughout the project to determine whether the original target is being achieved.
  5. Aim at realization in a practical timeframe. If not realized (at least in our lifetime), it is not "Engineering" even though" Science".
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