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News on June, 2009

The 1st Technical Forum of "AECE (Advanced Energy Conversion Engineering)" was held on June 12, 2009, at the Convention Hall of IIS, in cooperation with CEE (Collaborative Research Center for Energy Engineering). The title was " Energy Strategy to overcome Global Warming". Just two days before, on June 10th, 2009, Prime Minister Taro Aso made a press conference on the "Interim Target of CO2 Reduction in 2020". In this connection the theme was very timely and useful, and informative lectures and discussions were made during the technical forum.
photo:Convention Hallphoto:Panel Discussion
The presentation by each panelist is available on this homepage "Event Information" (Sorry, only in Japanese).

Prime Minister Taro Aso declared the Target CO2 Reduction Rate in 2020 to be 15% less compared to that of 2005. This target is very near to the Plan No. 3 out of six plans previously announced by the Cabinet Office. The outline of Plan No.3 was referred in my previous Newsletter in April. The recoverable countermeasures (which pay) can provide only 4.7% reduction in CO2. The rest( approx.10%) reduction requires about 33 trillion yen investment cost and necessary government financial support is estimated to be about 15 trillion yen. The nation must bear this financial burden. Therefore , efficient and effective countermeasures to minimize economical expenditure must be discussed and adopted to realize the ambitious target of 15% reduction.
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